Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ananya shaved her head for sake of her sister Madhumidha - Story

Ananya and Madhumitha are sisters. Ananya a is elder and her age is 29 her sister Madhumitha age is just 23 she studied in engg college fourth year at Tiruchendur, Ananya is working in pvt company. Her parents died in accident in the age of 20 then she started working for her younger sister.  Because of her sister she is not thinking about her marriage. In the fourth year examinations completed, Madhumitha came to Chennai . But Ananya got shocked Madhumitha’s look, because she cuts her long hair and she is bobcut.  Ananya asking Madhumitha’s haircut, she said because of long hair I can’t concentrate my studies, also it’s difficult to maintain such a long hair. That’s hy I cut my hair short. Then only Ananya got convinced. But Ananya had longhair, and she maintains properly.

Ananya also happy once Madhumitha came she also took 1 week leave for her sister. They spend lot of time with each others. After 3 days Ananya said we are going to palani today. Madhumitha asking why we are going to palani, she replied I have some prayer. Then Madhumitha said ok. That day night both of them started to palani, and they reached in the next day morning. Then Ananya book a room for staying. Then they refresh themselves and after 1 hour they went to temple.
In temple Ananya bought a ticket for headshave. Madhumitha got shocked, and asking to her sister why you bought tosure token and I am not going to tonsure my head, but Ananya smiled and said this not for your headshave, I had a vow, if you finish your studies, I will tonsure my head. Madhumitha surprised and cried and hug her sister and pls don’t shave your head, because you are not married yet,  also you have a longhair. But Ananya said no chance I want to fulfill my vow otherwise our health conditions will go down, then she said ok then buy one more token for me too, I am also going shave my head, Ananya said, no way, because you are a young girl, so I will not allow you to shave your head, if you have long hair, I will allow for small haircut, but you cut your hair short, so I will fulfill my vow. So Madhumitha don’t have words and she is not stop her sister’s decision. Then they went to tonsure place, Ananya loose her longhair, and wet her hair with water, then she gave the token to barber, and she sat infront of the barber.
Barber put halfblade in the knife and he took razor and he started to shave Ananya’s middle head, Madhumitha is watching everything and she is not control her feelings so she crying a lot.  But nothing will not stop Ananya’s  headshave,  because already she half bald head, her long hair is in her lap. Barber continuing his work, he shaved her both the sides and backside, she completely bald in few minutes. Her lap full of her long hair, then she stand and touch her bald head and she satisfied her headshave. And Madhumitha touch her sister’s bald head and once again she hugs Ananya with tearing eyes. Ananya convince Madhumitha, nothing happened; I just gave my hair for my lovely sister also I am happy with my bald head and because of you I can shave my head every year that is not my big concern, you don’t worry. Then both of them went to temple and came back to Chennai.

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