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Young Indian head shave at temple - story

Bhuvana is just 24 years old Bhuvana got married before four months we are living in as a joined family with her mother in law and
 father in law and her husband’s younger sister. One day her mother in law came to Bhuvana and said she took a vow to their family
 god if their son gets marriage she will make her daughter in law shave her head in temple. 

 first Bhuvana was shocked and refused then that night this conversation came to talk her husband told Bhuvana to do this but Bhuvana started to arguing and Bhuvana refused to do because Bhuvana got thick beautiful black hairs and Bhuvana love them. in the argument Bhuvana uttered to her husband if she shave her head will
 your mother and your sister will give Bhuvana company by shaving their head also? They were shocked and they went inside a room
and started to discuss and Bhuvana can see his sister crying there because she is doing her college second year and she too got thick
beautiful long hair, then they came outside with sad faces and said ok we agree your to condition and we are going to our temple
this Sunday and be prepared. Now Bhuvana cannot able to speak Bhuvana am completely arrested.

On Sunday early morning Bhuvana took bath and went
to hall Bhuvana can her mother in law packing her dresses to wear after her headshave. Bhuvana can see her husband’s sister in front of mirror
combing her hair and she came outside with her hairs arranged in two plaits neatly combed. We all reached our temple by 6AM
and we took rest for an hour suddenly her husband told us to move towards bask side of temple where the head shaving is being done.
There was very less crowd so we went to a barber and Bhuvana asked her mother in law to take the seat first, she sat cross legged down and
barber applied water and took his straight edge razor and kept on her head and moved front, back, sideways and Bhuvana can see a cube ball
 like structure and her mother in law smiled at Bhuvana, her heart was pumping heavily to see her bald. Then Bhuvana asked her husband’s sister to
sit she felt very shy to sit and shave in front of others but she was forced. Since she was with plaits and her hair was thick and
long the barber undo the plaits and separated into two half and tied them in bun on each side after applying water she was made to
bend down and the barber pushed her head to touch her breast and took the straight edge razor and started to move from the center to
 downwards and front and finally the sideways two bun of hairs fell on her lap she was totally bald.

 Bhuvana cannot imagine such a beautiful girl with beautiful hairs were now bald she stood up and clean the fallen hairs from hand and shoulder. Without speaking a word she went. Now it’s her turn Bhuvana sat in front or the barber and Bhuvana was with her hairs kept in a beautiful plait and barber undo the plaits and as did earlier he divided her hairs in two half and applied water and after massage he put two knots with her hairs in either side.
 Waters are leaking all over her face and the barber changed the blade in his razor and starting from her
center part of head he moved the razor downwards Bhuvana can feel the movement of razor and the breeze that
 strikes her head in that shaven area and the razor moves to front and back and in some minutes two buns
 of hairs were in her lap and the barber asked Bhuvana to get up. My husband was helping Bhuvana to clean the hairs
in her face and in back. Then we took bath and went home in our street all were looking us with their mouth
wide open. Yes it is too hot and sexy to see three bald woman’s at a time and two were very young and beautiful.
 Then Bhuvana was thinking Bhuvana have done a blunder to her husband’s sister because she has to face her collage Mets with her bald head.

Head shave story of three girls at Tirupati temple

Her name is Pavithra, but everybody calling Pavi, she like this. She had a gorgeous hair. She cut her name Pavithra to Pavi not her hair. Yes, she is love her hair, she is proud herself for her long hair. Her hair is till her legs. It's not a curly hair, but it's wavy hair, so she want to straighten her hair but her Husband  won't like that, he said don't do, because you have naturally a long hair, if you done that your hair will start falling so don't. She also consider her Husband 's decision. Her Husband  went to Simla for 6 months training. She is alone in Mumbai. They don't have children.

girija, hey girija where are you?, her mother in law called, she said, aunty I am taking bath, wait a minute will be back. Then 15 mins she came. Her mother in law said girija, when you are going to office, please pay the EB bill, she said no problem, aunty, I will. Then girija request her aunty, what about yesterday I am asking, her mother in law said, no, I won't allow. She said Aunty please, because I am really struggle, she said no way, you can go to office. She is worry. Because she had a gorgeous hair. She maintains very well for longtime. But now a days her hair is start falling due to work pressure and other concerns. So she want to cut it short, so she request her mother in law for her haircut, but she won't allow for her haircut. She got married 2 years back, her Husband  is working in Dubai, he went 18 months back. He will return only next year.

Shivya is studying in college 3 year, she had a waist length hair, she loves her hair. But everything went wrong  on next week, yes her mother vowed her hair to Tirumala Tirupati 3 years back, due to some family problems. Due to some situation that time Shivya is not tonsure, so her mother informed to Shivya to tonsure this year. But she denied, her mother said no way Shivya, otherwise I will cut short your hair in middle of your sleep. Then she don't have any option. She agreed after 2 days long conversation with her mother. Her tonsure will happen in next week at Tirumala Tirupati.

Pavithra, again called her Husband  for her hair straighting, he suddenly said, ok I will give you a permission, but you should shave your head at Tirumala Tirupati this week, then I will permit. She got shocked, and she replied, what you are talking, is there any sense, If I shave my head means how do I straighten, he replied, not this year, after your tonsure, your hair will grown so that time I will permit for your hair straighting. She said no way. But he said, no Pavi, this is my vow because If I got promotion your head will shave at Tirumala Tirupati. I got promotion now so you should shave your head at Tirumala Tirupati. When I am coming to Mumbai you should be bald head. Pavi is speechless. after a long discussion she cried a lot and she accept her Husband 's decision. Also he said, once you shave your head please send me your photos. That is before and after headshave photos I am eagerly waiting your tonsure. She said ok.

So the weekend, girija is standing in the bus stand for going to Tirumala Tirupati for her tonsure. Yes, her mother in law insist her to tonsure her head, girija happily accept, because she is a spiritual girl also she want to cut her hair, but her mother in law is not accept, but she is insist for tonsure. The bus is came, she sat in the seat, next her one long hair middle age women. She watch her long hair and said your hair is beautiful, she replied thanks. Then she is asking her name, she replied my name is girijatha, everybody called girija, what is your good name?, she replied Pavithra. But you can call me Pavi. girija replied oh great, so you are going to Tirumala Tirupati, Pavi said, Yes, and you, girija said me too. Then they both chat each other very well, both of them shared their family background, Pavi asking why your mother in law is not coming with you, girija said, she is old women, so she won't travel long hours, that's why I came alone. Pavi said your hair also long, I like it, girija replied thanks and said, you know I am going to shave my head, Pavi surprised and said what your are saying, Yes my MIL had vow so I am also planning to short my hair, but suddenly she request for my tonsure, so I said ok. Pavi said, girija I am also going for my headshave, this time girija got shocked, you are lying or real, Pavi said it's real. Actually I don't want to shave my head, but my Husband  compel me to shave due to prayer. I am not really the mood to shave my head. girija said don't worry I will be with you, actually I am enjoying my tonsure.

Shivya and her mother waiting for the bus, the bus is came, and both of them went inside the bus, all the seats are full it's 3+2 seats, only 2 seats one is in the front other one is in the middle, so her mother went to front and Shivya went and sat in the middle.  There are 2 young mid aged women is already chat with each other, Shivya request their to sat next to window, because she is feeling vomiting. Then they allowed Shivya to the window seat. Shivya said thanks, then she is took the rubber band and put it in her long hair. They both seen her long hair, and said vow your hair very long, how do you maintain, Shivya feel bad and said, it's just growing I am not cut my hair for past 5 years, and she said you both also long hair. They said thanks, and asking her name, she replied my name is Shivya. Then one women said her name is girijatha and her name is Pavithra. Both of the informed to going to their tonsure. Shivya surprised and said me also going shave my head. Both of them got shocked, you are a young girl, what is the reason for your tonsure, she said it's my mom's decision I don't have choice. The Shivya is asking about their reason for tonsure, both of the told their situations. Then girijatha said so Pavi and you are not happy with your tonsure, but I am very happy to go bald. I will encourage both you for your headshave, Shivya said ok, Once I will reach I will call you when you both going to tonsure I will also come with you girls. I want a company. Both of them said ok.

In the travel time they 3 of them speak a lot about their hair, maintenance, families compulsion everything. All 3 girls similarity is long hair to bald, and insist by their family, but 2 of them not interested their tonsure except girijatha. Once they reached to Tirumala Tirupati, Shivya and her mother left to their cottage, they already booked the cottage. girija and Pavi went to search the cottage, but they already shared their contact numbers with Shivya. So Shivya is waiting for the call. She informed her mother this, she also not worry because, she should tonsure her head, if she got the company that's not a problem for her. After the lunch she got the call from girija, she ask Shivya to come near by place also she gave the Hotel name. Shivya reached the place after 1/2 hour. Pavi is looking different, yes, she is put two side ponytail, and wearing churidhar, girija is tied her hair with rubber band. Shivya is in free hair with Churidhar.

Once they reach the tonsure hall, they bought the tonsure token. And they stand in the que, before them 2 male and 1 young lady with mid back hair standing. Finally the young lady cut her hair, not shave, so this is girija's turn, girija sat in front of barber and gave her token, he pour water in her head and massaged well, now her long hair is wet, then he inserted the new blade and start shave her middle of her head. Her head is half bald, Pavi is taken video, and Shivya is took photos for girija's tonsure. After 5 mins girija is first bald girl. Next turn is Pavi, she sat and given the token to barber, girija said, please cut her both side of the ponytails first and shave, then the barber took the scissor and cut her two side ponytails, this time bald girija is taken the video, and Shivya is took the photos. Now Pavi is with short hair like boy cut. Then the barber pour water in her head and massaged well, and he put the knife in her middle head and shave her head. Pavi is literally crying, but no other option for her. Other 2 mins she is completely bald, she is the 2nd girl with bald. Finally it's Shivya's turn, she touch her knee length hair with sad face, girija and Pavi said go Ani, then she given her tonsure token to barber, and she sat infront of barber, he pour water and massaged well, and other 5 mins Shivya is bald. All 3 need to take a snap for their bald head, so everybody took  other one's photo. Then all of them shared their video and photos with bluetooth immediately. All the 3 of them coming from different place and they met because of their tonsure. Now all three girls are bald, they left the place.

Pavi sent her video and Photos to her Husband  through email, and youtube link, girija also did the same way. Shivya shown her video to her mother.

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Ananya shaved her head for sake of her sister Madhumidha - Story

Ananya and Madhumitha are sisters. Ananya a is elder and her age is 29 her sister Madhumitha age is just 23 she studied in engg college fourth year at Tiruchendur, Ananya is working in pvt company. Her parents died in accident in the age of 20 then she started working for her younger sister.  Because of her sister she is not thinking about her marriage. In the fourth year examinations completed, Madhumitha came to Chennai . But Ananya got shocked Madhumitha’s look, because she cuts her long hair and she is bobcut.  Ananya asking Madhumitha’s haircut, she said because of long hair I can’t concentrate my studies, also it’s difficult to maintain such a long hair. That’s hy I cut my hair short. Then only Ananya got convinced. But Ananya had longhair, and she maintains properly.

Ananya also happy once Madhumitha came she also took 1 week leave for her sister. They spend lot of time with each others. After 3 days Ananya said we are going to palani today. Madhumitha asking why we are going to palani, she replied I have some prayer. Then Madhumitha said ok. That day night both of them started to palani, and they reached in the next day morning. Then Ananya book a room for staying. Then they refresh themselves and after 1 hour they went to temple.
In temple Ananya bought a ticket for headshave. Madhumitha got shocked, and asking to her sister why you bought tosure token and I am not going to tonsure my head, but Ananya smiled and said this not for your headshave, I had a vow, if you finish your studies, I will tonsure my head. Madhumitha surprised and cried and hug her sister and pls don’t shave your head, because you are not married yet,  also you have a longhair. But Ananya said no chance I want to fulfill my vow otherwise our health conditions will go down, then she said ok then buy one more token for me too, I am also going shave my head, Ananya said, no way, because you are a young girl, so I will not allow you to shave your head, if you have long hair, I will allow for small haircut, but you cut your hair short, so I will fulfill my vow. So Madhumitha don’t have words and she is not stop her sister’s decision. Then they went to tonsure place, Ananya loose her longhair, and wet her hair with water, then she gave the token to barber, and she sat infront of the barber.
Barber put halfblade in the knife and he took razor and he started to shave Ananya’s middle head, Madhumitha is watching everything and she is not control her feelings so she crying a lot.  But nothing will not stop Ananya’s  headshave,  because already she half bald head, her long hair is in her lap. Barber continuing his work, he shaved her both the sides and backside, she completely bald in few minutes. Her lap full of her long hair, then she stand and touch her bald head and she satisfied her headshave. And Madhumitha touch her sister’s bald head and once again she hugs Ananya with tearing eyes. Ananya convince Madhumitha, nothing happened; I just gave my hair for my lovely sister also I am happy with my bald head and because of you I can shave my head every year that is not my big concern, you don’t worry. Then both of them went to temple and came back to Chennai.

Nandhini's hair Tonsure at Tirupati temple - Story

Nandhini has waist length hair. She maintains very well due to her Father and Mother completion, but she is not interested to maintain such a longhair. So every time she asks her Father and Mother for her haircut, but they won’t allow. And they said after your marriage you can cut your hair with your husband permission. Otherwise don’t cut your hair. So she is waiting for her marriage. She got married after 7 months. After her marriage she settled in UK.  Nandhini asks her husband sreethar for her haircut, he said pls don’t cut your hair, because I very much like your longhair, that why I marry you. Again she fails her wish. But frequently she is asking her haircut, but her husband sreethar is not allowed. Also he said if you cut your hair without my permission, pls stay with your Father and Mother don’t come back to me.
After her long waiting dream is come, because her husband sreethar asking her birthday gift, she asking for her haircut, so he don’t have choice. Finally he accepts her haircut, but he said don’t cut short pls maintain midback, but she said no way it’s already boring to maintain longhair so I want to cut my hair shoulder length. After her convince he accept for her bobcut.  Nandhini informed to her Father and Mother for her haircut. They said if your husband sreethar accepts we are ok for that. Then her husband sreethar spoke Nandhini’s Father and Mother.  Before her birthday she went to parlour with her husband sreethar and she came back with bobcut. She is very happy with her new look.  Some of her neighbour’s also Indians so they are surpised her look and they praised her haircut. Then she maintains her hair bob style only after this.
After 1 year her husband sreethar and Nandhini came to india to meet their families. They also surprised her look. But her mother in law said, about their tirupathi visit, because some vow is pending. So after a week everybody went to tirupathi, on the way her husband sreethar inform to Nandhini for tonsure her head, she got shocked, and she said she don’t want to shave her head, but he said this is my mother’s decision, because of your headshave only we came to india and tirupathi, She shocked again and asking why you are not inform me before this, he said if I inform about your headshave you will not coming to india, that’s why I inform now. After this she spoke to her Father and Mother for tonsure, they said we can’t convince your mother in law so pls shave your head and complete the vow. She is crying like anything all these things watching her mother in law, but she is not considering anything.
Finally they went to kalyanakatta, her husband sreethar bought 2 tokens for headshave, then they went to stand in the queue, she is nervous about her tonsure, but she don’t have choice, her husband sreethar said, this is the situation I’m there before your birthday, because you are asking permission for your haircut, I don’t have choice, if you are not cut your hair that time I will convince my mother, and just a little cut for your long hair, but when you bobbed your hair my mother got angry so she informed your tonsure. Then only Nandhini feels badly, her haircut going to enemy. By the time her husband sreethar finish his tonsure, and he said pls wet your hair, then she wet her hair and sat in front the barber, he also pour some water and massage her hair, and he trying to put knot but he couldn’t  due to her short hair. Then he inserts half blade in the knife and started shaving her middle of the head. She started crying, but no one is stop her tonsure, because she already half bald, another 2 mins she completely bald.  Then she came to her husband sreethar with bald head, he touch her bald head and said you are beautiful with this bald head, if you want please maintain this look. She got angry and said no way this is the 1st and last I shaved my head, now onwards I will maintain my hair like boy cut. After her tonsure everybody of her family members touch her bald and comment about her look. So she got irritated. Her husband sreethar applied sandal in her bald head.
After 2 days they went to UK again, her neighbor are shocked her bald look. She said this is a vow, that’s why I shave my head, they appreciate her bold decision.

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Indian school girl Aarthi head shave at temple -Story

Aarthi is studying 12th STD; she had gorgeous and long hair. Everyday she wearing twin braids and went to school.  2 yrs before she maintained her hair with nice bobcut, but once she finishes her 6th std, her parents not allow her to cut her hair. Initially she feels bad for her growing her hair, but once she grow her hair mid length she herself like her longhair. Because her hair very shiny and long. Everybody in her school jealous about her hair. She also have head weight about her longhair. The annual examinations are finished all of her friends are happy for their 2 months summer holidays. So on the school final day everybody chat with each other, all of them talking about vacation plan. Aarthi said I don’t have any vacation, because next year is very important for me, so I will join any coaching class.

After their long discussion everybody left the school. Aarthi come to her house, her mother asking about her exams she said she wrote excellently surely she will pass. So her parents are happy. Then she asks her parents for any summer vacation trip. They said they are planning to tirupathi for tomorrow, she is asking why we going to tirupathi, they said because of your tonsure. Actually we are planning your headshave next year, but next your you will join any college, so it’s not look good to join college with bald head, that’s why we proponed our trip. Aarthi got shocked her father’s decision, she said no chance daddy, because I had long hair, I don’t want to lose my hair, but her father said this order, because already we vow your hair to tirupathi. That’s why we are not allowing you to cut your hair for the past 4 years. She fight with her parents but her father said we are starting tomorrow morning and finish your headshave and come to Chennai then you can join any coaching class. Aarthi cried whole night, her mother convince her for tonsure.
Next day morning her father mother and Aarthi starts their trip to tirupathi. On the way also she is ask her father for not shaving her head, but he is not convince. They reached at afternoon, and they went to cottage and refresh. And 4 pm her father ask Aarthi and her mother for tonsure. So both of them started. They reached kalyanakatta her father bought tonsure token  for Aarthi, not for her mother tonsure, her mother asks her father I will also shave my head, but I don’t want Aarthi’s headshave, she can cut her hair, but he said no way, we came for her tonsure only, so don’t convince me for this. After that he ask Aarthi to stand in the queue. Before her 3 of them waiting for their tonsure, but all of them men, she is the only girl in the queue, so she had nervous about her headshave, but behind her one female with 35 yrs waiting for her tonsure, she had midlength hair, she wet her hair, her father ask Aarthi to wet her hair, She also done the same thing. Her hair is very long upto her thigh.
Then another 5 mins Aarthi’s turn, she sat in front of the barber, her father gave the tonsure token to the barber, then he pour water in her long hair, and put two knots, her father asks pray “govinda , Govinda” she also said the same. By the time barber put halfblade in the knife and start shave her middle of the head, Aarthi bend her head and crying a lot, her lap full of her long hair, but he doing the headshave sincerely, another 2 mins Aarthi went bald. Then she touch her bald and come back to her parents, and she is cries and asks her parents, “so both of them happy” her mother cover her bald with thupatta, but she remove the thupatta with little angry. Then they went to darshan, and came back to Chennai. After this also she is not believe her she finish her tonsure, all the way she cried a lot.
Next week she joined coaching class, and next 2 months she studied. After 2 months her school got opened, she went to school with bald head, but she had very short hair, all of her friends and teachers also shocked her bald look. And asking about her headshave, she said, I can’t concentrate my studies due to maintain such a long hair, so that’s why I shaved my head. Everybody appreciate her decision. Then onwards she grow her hair very short only, after her tonsure she is not speak to her father, she maintains boycut style for the whole year.

Indian house wife head shave at Temple - story

Surya working in a pvt concern, and he recently married Chandrika. Both of them working in different companies. She is from kerala both of them loved each other before their marriage, but both the family is not accept their love. One fine day they got married without informing their parents and they settled in Chennai. Obviously kerala girls have long hair, so Chandrika have waist length hair. She maintains her with lot of care. Surya also loves her long hair. He also bought lot of natural oils and samphoo’s for her hair.

One day Surya met with accident, and he admitted in hospital. Chandrika cried like anything, because she loves Surya very much. Both the families didn not consider Surya’s condition. But Surya’s friends and office collegues  helped lot. Then he got cured. He was discharged from hospital. But he is in bed rest for next 3 months as per doctor’s advice. So Chandrika’s salary is only the family's income for past 5 months. She prepared food everyday for Surya and she went to office. Weekend whole day she spends with Surya.
But this Sunday Chandrika starts for office. Surya got surprised, and he is asking where she is going. She said, in her office audit is going on so this Sunday she need to work.  Also she said she will be back on lunch. Then Surya said ok. She also left from house. And 2 pm, Chandrika came, she covered her head with hand kerchief. First Surya is not considering this dressing. After some time he look little different with Chandrika’s face, so he ask Chandrika to remove her saree in her head. She also removed, Surya got shocked, because Chandrika sporting clean shaven head, her long hair is gone. Then Chandrika said this a vow, when Surya met accident she prayed to vadapalani muruga temple for her headshave if he cured. So that she went and tonsure her head. Surya asking why you are not informing me for your tonsure before. She said if I informed this you will not allow me to tonsure, so that I am not informing you. Surya huged Chandrika and cried, Chandrika convince her hubby. But Surya said, you had a waistlegth hair,  you loves very much, every women loves their long hair, but you shaved your head because of me. She said this is not a big thing. Anyway after some time hair will grow but in my point my husband is important compare to my hair. After this incident both of them love life more colourful.

Manjula's long hair Tonsure at Venkatestvara Temple

Manjula came with her Husband, she waiting in the queue for her headshave, she cried a lot, her Husband is not consider her feelings, he is angry and he said, hey calm down, she said, pls I don’t want to shave, I can cut my hair shortly and I can shave my head next year. But he is don’t care about her words. He coolly said, pls wash your head and prepare for your shave. Before Manjula, 2 female’s with mid length hair, and 4 male, 1 young girl with shorthair.

Manjula wet her longhair in the water, and came and stand again in the queue, she is thinking after her headshave, because she is working in private company as HR., her friends are calling Manjula as longhair baby. Her office staff also calling in the same name, she is hair icon in the company. She got arranged marriage, her husband is doing business, 7 months after her marriage only he got irritated awith Manjula’s long hair, because, everywhere she is going with him, everybody looking her longhair, and she also taking lot of time for makeup and hairstyle. Last month he said, pls cut your hair Manjula, I got bored with your longhair, I am looking for new hairstyle, but she is not accept. After that he continuously about her haircut. Finally he decided, and he said to Manjula, next week we are going to tirupathi for your headshave, she shocked and said noway, but he replied, otherwise pls divorce me. She don’t have choice, she came and stand here.
It’s Manjula’s turn, she sat before barber, her Husband, gave the token to barber. Then the barber put two knots and put new half blade in the knife, and put her in the middle of the head and started her headshave, she crying all the way in her tonsure, but she don’t have other option. Another 3 mins she completely bald, she stand came near with her Husband, he smiled and said you are looking cute, she hide her face with in her hand and started crying.
And next day she starting to office, she hide her bald head with black scarf. Once she went to office, everybody shocked her newlook, and all of them asking why you are not inform to us for your tonsure. She said, it’s surprise one for me also, because I am planning to do my tonsure next year, but everything happened suddenly. After her bald every body change her name as Bald head Manjula. After her tonsure she maintain her hair with boycut style. Her Husband also happy with her new look. And bald head Manjula became a boycut Manjula nowadays.